John Scott : Lead Pastor

John Scott

Lead Pastor

  • Became the Lead Pastor in 2015
  • B.S. in Bible Studies Southeastern
  • Master in Theology Covington Theological Seminary
  • John is married to Angie Scott and they have two children, Reagan and
Seth Fisher : Youth Pastor

Seth Fisher

Youth Pastor

  • Became the Youth Pastor in 2019
  • B.A. in Christian Studies from North Greenville University
  • Seth is married to Amber Fisher
Ronn Conway : Connect Pastor

Ronn Conway

Connect Pastor

  • Became Connect Pastor in 2017
  • A.A. in Religion
  • B.S. in Biblical and Educational Studies in progress
  • Ronn is married to Tracy and they have three children, Austin, Chandler, and Peyton
Andrew Beck : Worship Pastor

Andrew Beck

Worship Pastor

  • Became the Worship Pastor in 2017
  • B.A. in Christian Studies from California Baptist University
  • M.A. in Christian Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Andrew is married to Lauren Beck
Jeannie Layton : Office Staff

Jeannie Layton

Office Staff

  • Began working in the office at Parkwood Baptist Church in 1994
  • Jeannie is married to Frank Layton and they have two children and two grandchildren
Miriam Brown : Church Secretary

Miriam Brown

Church Secretary

  • Became the church secretary in March of 1999
  • Miriam is married to Stan and they have three daughters and two grandchildren
Tanya Joyner : Financial Secretary

Tanya Joyner

Financial Secretary

  • Became the financial secretary for the church in June, 1995 and the director of the preschool in 2014
  • Tanya is married to David and has one son and daughter-in-law