Our Mission


The Gospel is the good news that we can have life with God through the working of the Holy Spirit in the blood of Jesus Christ. The Gospel transforms everything about us: our lives, our neighborhoods, our community, and the world. We are passionate about sharing this truth with our community. We desire to see true and lasting change throughout Rocky Mount and the world.


The Gospel invites us to enjoy a different way of living. This new life in Jesus provides a better way and informs us about who we are to be. In Christ we have been given a new identity, one that is lived out from the overflow of what has been done by Christ. If the Good News of Jesus is our map, then the identities – how we understand what it means to be the church – are the highways and byways through the landscape. These roads are what make up the journey we take throughout the Christian life. The Gospel takes hold and transforms us, and we live out new lives in light of this glorious Good News.

Our Identities


Too often we think of worship as an event that happens on Sunday morning for an hour and then it’s back to everyday life. But God calls us to be worshippers in and through all things. We will gather together to worship corporately, but we will also scatter throughout the city to be Gospel light between Sundays. Whether it’s in song, prayer, finances, or relationships, our lives should exhibit worship to God, our Creator.


Being quiet about what God has done for us is not going to cut it. As missionaries, we will boldly proclaim the Good News in all aspects of life. We do this through word and deed, but always from a loving and caring heart toward those who are around us. Living our lives boldly as missionaries in our location, vocation, and recreation is essential to being proclaimers of the greatest story ever told.


There is great need around us and God has given the opportunity to step into these situations. Living as servants, we look for opportunities to meet needs in our spheres of influence. We believe this happens most often in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and in the gatherings of Parkwood Baptist Church. Serving others inside and outside the body of Christ are important actions that must flow from the internal work of the Gospel in our lives.


We must never stop following and learning, but it doesn’t stop there. Being a disciple of Jesus is not simply for the growth of our own spiritual life, but it is also about using our growth to spur on the growth of others. Multiplying disciples is the essential call to Christ-followers and we acknowledge that this is of utmost importance. Disciples are continually learning, while teaching others all that has been entrusted to them.


We take family very seriously. Though we desire to help foster healthy family units, we don’t simply mean these when we say family. Bearing with one another, sharing life together, and living in community with others is foundational to the Christian faith. Living together as family allows us to encourage, exhort, and embrace one another in a way that displays that Gospel to those around us.